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By combining the world of vintage car racing and its know-how, CLAUDE MEYLAN revisits the spirit of mechanical watches. 

First of all, taking place next to the smallest hand-wound openwork movement available to date, a superposition of cut out and colored sculptures which illustrate the particular moments of historical races. Claude Meylan further innovates and superimposes cut-out dials that creates a three-dimensional effect and an intriguing depth. Between them, spaces open up our imagination to immerse ourselves in the heart of mechanics and racing. 

The specific construction of these elements allows a staging on both sides. If from the front we are in full action, it is through the transparent case back that we discover a new scene. 

In black, grey and off white effects, faithful to the vintage spirit, the sculptures feature several shakers – imported from the Haute Joaillerie savoir-faire, they provide a movement and an animation leading to awaken the child who sleeps in us! 

These associations transport us to a new dimension where space-time is translated differently and to the sandstone of your only imagination.



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