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We could tell you that the art of Manga is at the origin of Japanese prints, that it dates back to the 1860s and that today it has become an art recognized and run. We could also tell you that it is not so and that the Manga has its source after the Second World War to thwart the “comics” American. That it’s pure anti-imperialism.

We could also tell you that the Manga codes are so strong and so established that they impose a limited creativity. We could just as easily tell you that he is perfectly inspired by western art and customs from the birth of art nouveau – which is good for him!
The mixture of cultures, the richness of exchanges, the alchemy of a subtle combination of lifestyles, tastes and points of view that inspires us. Thus CLAUDE MEYLAN associates two currents of the same epoch in a modern and humorous interpretation of a universal romance. In the first place, Heidi and Peter, heroes of the inevitable tale that marks and evokes so much our dear Helvetia, are transformed into a couple in love, languorous and millennial. Staged by features and an interpretation of Manga art – and yet in color, they express the codes and clich├ęs of our roots and caricatures. This is how the MANGA’CH is presented to you in three dimensions and around the know-how so specific of CLAUDE MEYLAN.

It is by associating cultures and know-how that CLAUDE MEYLAN revisits the spirit of erotic watches. First of all, in place of a dial, next to the perforated and decorated mechanical movement, a superposition of cut and painted decorations represents the subjects of our MANGA’CH adventure. The features are lively and determined, the rendering is subtle and suggestive. Bright colors awaken us and are accentuated by the construction and constitution of the dials. Fresh and natural are at their peak while a touch of malice invites to discover the whole of creation. Then we take the piece in hand and instinctively, we return to discover a scene that transports us to a non-feigned eroticism.
The drawing is affixed on three different levels and its three-dimensionality encourages us to let go. Represented in black and white, faithful to the signature Manga, the strength of the drawing awakens our senses and our imagination!

These associations transport us to a new dimension where space time is translated differently and to the sandstone of your only imagination.



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