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Montres poyas


The Swiss tradition, the art and the culture of its emblematic regions have inspired CLAUDE MEYLAN to celebrate the rituals, the customs and the ancestral symbols. “La Poya” pays tribute to the original festival of the climb to the mountain pastures and associates the know-how of our House to this Swiss Art.

The alpine pasture attracts cow herds to spend the summer. It is during the climb that we the celebration of the poya takes place. “La Poya” originated in the region of Fribourg and describes the long procession of cows and wagons loaded with the necessary equipment to collect the milk, make cream and cheese on the heights. The cows are decorated with flowers and bells with belts embroidered with edelweiss and the name of each herd owner. The armailli, wearing the traditional clothes, guides the procession. The facades of alpine chalets have friezes painted or carved in wood, representing the joyous rise of processions.

CLAUDE MEYLAN transcribes the language of traditional sculpture into a figurative fin relief, covering all or part of the timekeeper. Paying tribute to the processions of the Poya, the scene chiseled in ruthenium black steel echoes the art of traditional alpine carving. The rhodium movement creates the contrast to visually detach the figures while seeming to animate them by the beating of its escapement.



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