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Tortue Rainbow



It is thanks to Isaac Newton that we understand the rainbow phenomenon. He demonstrates that the colors are actually the result of the decomposition of white color from the sun.

When he wanted to name the different colors visible, he chose seven, less a scientific approach than a desired analogy with magic and omnipresence of the number seven.
The seven colors of the rainbow and the seven notes of the diatonic scale reveal a regulator of vibration, vibration which are in more primitive traditions, the essence of matter.

Seven corresponds to the seven days of the week, the seven planets, the seven degrees of perfection, the seven heavenly spheres or degrees, the seven petals of the rose, the seven heads of the Angkor cobra, the seven branches of the tree cosmic and sacrificial shamanism, etc.

Some are other sevenfold sevenfold’s symbols; as rose to the seven petals evoke the seven heavens, seven angelic hierarchies, all perfect sets. Seven means all planetary and angelic orders, all the heavenly mansions, all of the moral order, and all energies mainly in spiritual order. Amongst Egyptians, it was the symbol for eternal life. It symbolizes a complete cycle, a dynamic perfection, a positive renewal.

Combining the number four, which symbolizes the Earth (with its four cardinal points) and number three, symbolizing the sky, seven represents the whole universe in motion. It is universally the symbol of a whole, yet a whole in movement or in total dynamism.

These inspirations, these myths and legends have given birth to the creation of TORTUE RAINBOW. Its movement cut in sunlight rays, its specific and devoted shape called for the adjunction of a new colored element whose rays interspersed with bridges and base plate. As an analogy to the rainbow and its seven colors, we enhance the positioning of 7 o’clock and leave you with endless imaginations.

Note that the seven colors of the rainbow sky only reveal the visible spectrum…
We’ll leave you here, for enthusiasts, among others, for theology, esotericism and numerology to continue the fascinating discovery of the multiple meanings of this figure so special, mentioned 77 times in the Old Testament more than 300 times in the Bible…


TORTUE RAINBOW vous transportent dans une nouvelle dimension ou l’espace temps se traduit autrement et au grès de votre seule imagination.

CLAUDE MEYLAN takes its inspiration from the magical prism of seven colors and creates TORTUE RAINBOW in various harmony with so deep signification. With RAINBOW, colors enhance sculpture of time

The new declination of our movement 165CM16 gives way to a new element. Subtle and inserted between base plate and bridges, it matches the hands and sets the tone to the inspirations linked to its color.

Each bridges are cut out, fully decorated and in an harmony of specific shapes. It prompts an intriguing transparency of lights pushed to new dimensions by the character of suspended colors.

TORTUE RAINBOW takes you to a new dimension where your own imagination and spirit will lead you a new time space.



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